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The NCSBN is planning to add new test item formats for the NGN based on their Model of Clinical Judgment. Iggy offers several ways to help faculty assist students in developing clinical judgment and be prepared for both the future NGN and nursing practice, including:


Equip your students to pass the Next-Generation NCLEX® (NGN) Exam on their first try with Developing Clinical Judgment for Professional Nursing and the Next-Generation NCLEX-RN® Examination. Written by renowned nursing education expert Donna D. Ignatavicius and a team of expert item writers, this practical workbook is the only book on the market focused exclusively on developing the clinical reasoning skills needed for success on the NGN and in clinical practice. This collection of engaging and practical thinking exercises has been carefully developed to incorporate the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) Clinical Judgment Model (CJM) and to emphasize the new item types that will be integral to the NGN. Exercises range from basic to more complex and address all specialty areas to fully prepare students for all facets of the exam. In all, this "next-generation" workbook will become an invaluable companion throughout nursing school, helping you grow your students’ clinical reasoning skills to match what’s expected on the new NGN!


The Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) Exam is expected to better prepare graduates for practice by measuring their ability to use clinical judgment. Iggy's Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) Camp is designed to help nursing faculty develop effective, high-cognitive level test items that assess clinical judgment. Participants will learn the latest available information on the NGN and practice writing test items with peer and workshop facilitator feedback.


  • Teaching students how to use the NCSBN Model of Clinical Judgment
  • Designing effective teaching/learning strategies for clinical judgment development
  • Creating clinical imagination in the classroom
  • Examples of NGN test items formats and how to approach them

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