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Iggy presents at numerous conferences for nurse educators throughout the United States and Canada, including conferences founded by DI Associates, Inc., as well as conferences offered by professional nursing organizations:

  Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) Camp

The Next Generation NCLEX® Exam (NGN) is expected to better prepare graduates for practice by measuring their ability to use clinical judgment. This interactive 2-day conference is designed to help nursing faculty develop effective, high-cognitive level test items that assess clinical judgment. Participants will learn the latest available information on the NGN and practice writing test items with peer and workshop facilitator feedback. Topics include:

  • Teaching students how to use the NCSBN Model of Clinical Judgment
  • Designing effective teaching/learning strategies for clinical judgment development
  • Creating clinical imagination in the classroom
  • Examples of NGN test items formats and how to approach them

  Boot Camp for Nurse Educators®

Nursing faculty enjoy our popular national professional development conferences. The Boot Camp for Nurse Educators® conference is designed for new and seasoned faculty, Deans, Directors, and Chairs of PN, diploma, ADN, and BSN programs. Topics include:

  • Using engaging and creative teaching/learning strategies
  • Rethinking traditional models of clinical education
  • Writing and analyzing high-level NCLEX®-style test items
  • Designing engaging simulation learning environments
  • Using concept mapping effectively in nursing education
  • Assessing learning to validate student success
  • Developing an evidence-based clinical evaluation tool

  Concept-Based Curriculum (CBC) Camp

Many pre-licensure and RN-to-BSN nursing programs have developed and implemented a concept-based curriculum (CBC). This conference focuses on the successes and challenges related to implementing a CBC as well as provides best practices for evaluation of conceptual learning. Topics include:

  • Teaching strategies for a CBC classroom or online
  • Developing weekly student learning outcomes for clinical experiences to focus on selected concepts
  • Using concept maps in a CBC effectively
  • Accreditation and the concept-based curriculum
  • How to develop a meaningful CBC (pre-conference for faculty planning or considering a CBC model)

  CNE®/CNE®cl Camp

Iggy's CNE®/CNE®cl Camp addresses all NLN competencies and provides the essential knowledge needed to pass the CNE® and CNE®cl examinations. Participants will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge in over 100 test questions during this 2 and 1/2-day session, and learn test-taking tips and strategies for success from a leading, internationally recognized expert in nursing education.

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