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Iggy provides customized virtual workshops to meet your faculty's professional development needs. Examples of typical workshops include:

  Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN):

  • Teaching students how to use the NCSBN Model of Clinical Judgment
  • Designing effective teaching/learning strategies for clinical judgment development
  • Creating clinical imagination in the classroom
  • Examples of NGN test items formats and how to approach them

  CNE®/CNE®cl Preparation:

  • Address all competencies and provide the essential knowledge needed to pass the CNE®/CNE®cl examination

  NCLEX®-Style Test Writing:

  • Constructing high-level cognitive test items
  • Writing alternate format test items, especially "Select All That Apply"
  • Developing test blueprints to establish validity
  • Analyzing statistics for test revision and data-driven decisions

  Concept-Based Curriculum:

  • How to develop an effective concept-based curriculum (CBC): Purist vs. modified/hybrid models
  • Effective learning strategies for the CBC classroom
  • Clinical learning activities in a CBC curriculum
  • Evaluating learning in a CBC: Testing, papers/projects, and clinical evaluation

  Curriculum Revision:

  • Transforming the nursing curriculum: Current trends and best practices
  • Creating a curriculum that reflects changing health care practices
  • Concept-based curriculum structure and process
  • Using the evidence to redesign nursing curriculum
  • Incorporating LGBTQ content into the nursing curriculum

  Effective Teaching:

  • Engaging teaching/learning activities for conceptual learning
  • Flipping/scrambling the classroom
  • Connecting clinical and theory learning
  • Motivating students to learn

  Systematic Program Evaluation:

  • Setting up the systematic program evaluation plan
  • Developing meaningful and effective survey tools
  • Aggregating and analyzing data to drive program decisions and processes
  • Measuring achievement of student learning outcomes

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